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Ordeal Amartad (Terror Records 2017)

Formed in Tehran but then moving forward to their future homeland in Hamburg – Germany would be the story of a long journey for this Iranian group named Mogh – the anti-religion, anti-islam, zurvanism and war to Thelema occult and ritual themed lyrics and musical written active to today concluding the trio known to be Waruhr (drums), Caruk Revan (piano, accordion, keyboards) and Lord Faustoos (bass, cello, santoor, singing bowl, tanboor, guitar, vocals) blasphemously never stop cursing the middle eastern within mayhem beliefs as the incorporated sounds of brutal Black Metal finest finding its way to breaking the surface windows of mosques and ears of the fundamental fanatics to hate them while the band hating them back for more.
This latest album of Gach Pazh meaning something wicked comes in the way as the populations of worshipers in following the Arabian prophets wisdom and words have been exploded by numbers like nobody can imagining before – so did the hatred messages blasts from the underground of hell via Sargashteh, Eblis Abr E Siyah, Thirsty for Annunaki Royal Blood, Alamihtra Mithra Mesr onto Puraithoi Eyes of Kappadocia may historically, telling the truth hiding from the public thoughts for centuries as nothing religious as they’re man-made could escaping mistakes and misguidance. 

Our satanic growling vocals and bashing beats sending the fanatic to their grave ...

Gach Pazh: