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Opasnost’ Isotope (Kudatah 2017)

Edmonton – Canada means underground business today ? Just try to check on how a label co-owner code name: Sven .K alias Stephen Shappka not only a producer but also Disc Jockey and a crazy soul in a deranged idea multiplying thoughts really wanted to share this madness beats from the experimental tourney around the fictional streets of New Mayak or City 41 in the futuristic year of 2050 where we have been under the coup of an unknown society led to hopelessly destructible inside our body and mind but outside – drastically, the world seeing itself as one of the advance technology places around the milky way with no living things survived the great disaster but then, an artificial bio or nano exposures went restored as datas inside the giant computer. Not a gaming trend or gas mask advertisement; the album from Sven .K on City 41 dealing with most past events and the next future shall facing within the achievements from technology and curiosity blended as resulting these songs compositions where there’s no human really involving but machine. Press Start and Halispolec, Facility (feat. Blank Body and Trends), Isopod to Boss Battle (feat. Trends) or Setting and closing by Moment – honestly, providing the disturbing images to all of us for the not farther tomorrow predictions just like how Cayce or Nostradamus did tell some of us before. If you smart enough, do the research.

City 41: