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One Sad Promise (Bandcamp 2016)

Seminal Art-Rock and Emo-Metalcore within thus Progressive Rock like complicating musical arrangements made in Chicago, IL’s group consisting of five-piece metal-heads musicians: Austin Ramsey (bass, vocals), Brycen Doby (guitar), Giovanni Franceschi (vocals), Maru Martinez (guitars) and Tristan Zemtseff (drums, vocals) and also written down the music and lyrics with Maru and Giovanni and friends – calling themselves Paper Hero. The releasing superb of this recording with high techniques and performance onto Colorless Aquarium might telling the story background about one being another figure and clearly, seeing himself covered by stressed and sins inside the glass box as pet of the society or fate; ready to die or killing oneself suicidal but afraid on the same time to leaving the pleasure of the world. The brave six tracks releasing for choices to the audiences to taking chances further more are either Detached, Express, Think Deep and even Already Too Late; where the sessions of jamming fusion and brilliant techniques blending to bind and blinding you on the same time possible.

Leaving the listeners addicted for more noise affections created by the group freely !

Colorless Aquarium: