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Offwhite Winter (Western Vinyl 2003)

   Semi-naughty Motown influences meet the Beach-Surf rocks and the modern day Indie Alternative sounds as experimenting for musical continues with the Brooklyn, NY fronted by Dave Longstreth – here’s your American group – Dirty Projectors (with or without The in front of them). Fresh young fellows and pretty girls members of Brian McOmber, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin to Olga Bell and Angel Deradoorian or Amber Coffman must be some names who used to and later on kept the attachment for the band’s Folk-Rock experiments continues even when then, their debut album finally, being released – leaving the shaken heads for the fans and listeners which shocked to listen for the combinations mixing for it as the record should be classic one to collects.
Odd and strange tunes, non-harmonic background vocals or the too much sensations as temptations for the record that showing a sketch about man sitting naked and the cock didn’t go slippery anymore but freely displaying over Like Fake Blood in Crips October, Two Brown Finches, The Highway is a Foggy Knife, Off Science Hill onto Boredom is a Product showing once again or one more time about The Glad Fact serving the eerie vocals, minimalist sounds to the gloomy party as everyone now focusing to the yellow old sofa.

The Glad Fact: