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Ocean Requiem (Svart Records 2016)

   Such an unfortunate loss or one can saying it a tales of waste – for these Sweden lesser-known finest group Trees Of Eternity from the Doom Metal/Ambient Symphonic Rock combinations crew off Orebro and Jyvaskyla with the leading roles being hold by composer Juha Raivio right after the female vocalist of beauty – Aleah passed away from her longing illness as the releasing for the band’s debut album – Hour of The Nightingale reaching the metallic/rock sub-culture markets. 
   The excellent recording which convincing the talented voice of the lead singer Aleah as her appearance looking like a river elf princess might also attracting the audience to have a moment completely with Trees Of Eternity music. 
   Magical or occult-based themes and lyrics as well as melodic to harmony pick-up well for most people to liking this type of Gothic-Doom Symphonic Metal or Goth-Rock Pop waving high through Eye of Night, Condemned To Silence, A Million Tears, Sinking Ship or Gallows Bird; affecting thus signs marked on the front cover off black horse and lady in white holding the enlightenment rocking softly, poisoned incredible and fatality dangerous in smaller ways possibility. 

Love this one and blessed be the late female singer.

Hour Of The Nightingale: