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O To G Stories (AFM Records 2008)

Not only that the threat of Global Warning is real; as the ceremonial show of a late friend and brother have made this project of composing of broad performance over the Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal artistic missions possible to do and recording the albums just like how before or now John Oliva’s pain (J.O.P) solidify honoring of playing together as officially been just about the memorial subsequent Hard Rock together with his more other friends like Bill Hudson (guitars), Joe Diaz on guitar, Jason Jennings (bass) to Christopher Kinder (drums) or Matt LaPorte, Tom McDyne to Kevin Rothney or John Zahner as former guitarist,bassist and keyboardist for this amazing project of one man honored Criss Oliva and Savatage era. 
Neat vocals and proudly, amazing music compositions as Global Warning brings you Look At The World, Adding The Cost, Before I Hang, Firefly, The Ride or Walk Upon The Water as being closed by Someone/Soul. Seemingly, looking as apocalyptic as one might interprets through the front cover greenish hell on earth but the messages are real here not as threats but an alerting forum on Heavy Rock sounds to everyone not only for the glad memories of Criss Oliva but the for the worldwide preserving acts not too be late filling regrets again. 

Right ?!

Global Warning: