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NOTLD (Xtreem Music 2017)

Spanish Thrash/Black Metal inquisitions as your reconquistador from the elements of extreme Heavy Metal local band to your fucking face as one of them would be Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona – Catalonia crew of lead guitarist Jonathan Soler, drummer Pol Esteban Sanchez, bass basher David Inarejos Munoz also on vocals and rhythm guitarist Xavi Rodriguez Trabal forming No Amnesty by releasing their debut recording called Psychopathy which might reminding the audiences for the old format of Anthrax, Armored Saint or Nuclear Assault within the faster, slicer and bursting beats of metallic cracking sounds like Metallica on heavy drug addicts on stage.

The melodic mayhem and power riff-ages shall make those tracks like Evil Priest, Fight Below The Fire, Snake Eyes, Eternal Night and Time to Bleed releasing the frontal rage of the young and the forgotten lost to the world of plentiful and wealthy people – as the extreme Heavy Metal comes as the new armies to raid your nearest modern city and sacking it to the ground. 

Share the infamous depression and suicidal values to others or get out and slay some dumb-ass kids !