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Nosim Dry Eyes (V2 2007)

Half-Cabaret musical and half more turns off its points of being the independent Pop-Rock with fun attitude musical performance being performs by Anna Phoebe (violin), Lemez Lovas (trumpet), Stephen Levi (clarinet, vocals), Josh Breslaw (drums), Bridgitte Amofah (vocals) and Nik Ammar (guitar, vocals) as they’re all forming the good band named Oi Va Voi as after the first and the second releasing started to send another one as their third albums via the self-titled on Oi Va Voi just like the band’s name.
Folk-Rock and Electronic Pop mixture through the comedy sounds meet the bohemian/gypsy popular dramatizing Art-Rock and extra-curricular sounds of traditional atmosphere off the European edge of old days heritage troubadour-ism; Oi Va Voi giving us the Further Deeper, Look Down Dissident to Black Sheep and Spirit of Bulgaria or Worry Lines – as the highlighted tracks examples for you and the world to mark them as the newcomer group with potentials – ready to arranging and composed more materials like this sweetening and awesome progressive ensemble of Pop in the space travelling preparation ages.

Oi Va Voi: