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Nitro Golden Stones (Warner Music Spain 2015)

Indie Rock and Pop-Alternative season’s coming back again for your November within this awesome cold but sensual music performing by Zestoa, Spain band named – Rural Zombies. Whether these rockers communion of Julai Urreaga on vocals/sintetizadores, Manu Rodriguez and Luken Etxeberria on guitars; Marcos Perez on bass guitar and Aratz Etxeberria on drums loved or related to the fan for the walking dead series or just idealistic for carrying the moment of truth realizing the undead for band’s name but the musical actually, sounding perfectly – beautiful to hear.

As The Game or I Come In Peace or We Weren’t Born To Fly or Shut Up or Jack preferrently, would giving you a very good rocking times to listening them for your stereo system; Rural Zombies’ album of Bat may turning out to be one of your favorite Synth-Pop records along the year right after you incidently – finding them on the net.