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Neglexerunt (Music Fear Satan 2014)

   Darkness soon can finding its way back to the light places even after one already drove it out for years with a very powerful spells as the time is now fits righty for those whom never can be forgiven and fallen to haunting the living once again ...
As the five-piece of these Copenhagen-based Black Metal Classic and Hardcore mix group consisting for Soren Bornand (bass), imon Drivhuus (drums), Tobias Munk Tonder and Christian Bonnesen (all guitars, artworks, backing vocals) and Filip Andersen (vocals) returning to re-open the gate of hell by the silent touch of the black magic summoning for Abalam (the album). 
Hold your cross but promising that it won’t hold the grudge for too long as the hatred grows and the louder blasts of brutality fulfilling the destiny to crawling back and conquers; none can standing its way or stopping it this time. Let Faciem, Tenebris, Exanimis, Desolatum, Sequax and Supplex leads the raising of the ancient evil incarnates to your body as you will feel the ultimate power of destruction flowing into you slowly but possessing. 

There’s no turning back now – the darkness has arrived and lord of fire has been released by its followers this hour.