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Necropsy Victims (Morbid Generation 2014)

Gory Death Metal or brutal Grindcore or anything you hated to see eating the globe of modern man-made reality completely like a devouring monster feasting the surface civilizations by louder extreme sounds for horrific themes; causing destructible on the inside our brains or perhaps, that things are already ruined since the beginning of modern times rolled out ?
Don’t ask to much questions to Livio Wellinger or Morten Formeseyn too fucking much cause they didn’t like it – but they’ll showing it to you directly. Form Chur, Switzerland underground scene of extreme metallic Death and Grind – here’s Slamentation for you releasing their debut album via Crawling Through The Morgue; the gruesome graphics contained of many forbidden things to the horrible bloody scenes with the real gory effects and animations as the lyrics and tracks unites the terrors or thus slasher-tinged stories for you to consumed as your psychotic minds feeling no disgust but pleasure. 
Compulsive Sadistic Affinity, It Came From Above, Disembowelment of The Deceased, Slithered Through The Autopsy Room or I Need More Dead Bodies surely – isn’t an invitation for those people having a fainted pathetic heart to grab and listening this effort !