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Nasrot Stopy Lejna (Bizarre Leprous Production 2017)

   More local than international but nevertheless would keeping your filthy minds abusive as the modern world turning around and slays the weak – as the sick rich paying to do it and the have-nots and the unlucky ones pay the price as victims; these molester Grind-Core and Death Metal unit off Svetla nad Sazavou, Czech Republic will definitely giving those whom addicted to the blood spilling/torturing/violence or mutilating actions likes Aggressive Tyrants melodic Heavy Metal but foremost – the grinding brutality occurs since the pressing play button started and Jarda Zmek, Jindrich Jasan, Roman and Simenko would gladly, offering their warm criminal thoughts by the fulfilling of your desire to kills by torturing someone using the recording background of Blazinec Sexu A Vrazd as it related for the title within the themes picked out by the group to terrorizing everyone of the ordinary realm. Bondage, Ladislav Hojer – 2, V Propadivnem Stavu, Zabijaci Od Reky Jizery to Winevillske Kurnikove Vrazdy and Kostra Styk must have been reconnected to those lust in high level security on the remote safe haven place where people with power can easily torturing people for fulfilling their thirst on mutilation or the conditions where the victims turn their back to fight and escaping; surviving to kill or be killed inside thus darkened tunnel rooms with the stained smells of death around you as the metallic music sounding louder than the alarm.