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Mother React (Independent 2012)

   Influencing by the harder edgy progressions from names like Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, Fear Factory or Opeth directly, improved as the main core members of the band: Paula Stefanini and Lee Wanner grown-up in sense to make more interactive metallic sessions sounding thrashy but nevertheless, melodic fully and essentially, artistic just to be called plain Heavy Metal music presentations recorded here for these twelve songs recording and arranged by the intelligence of the duo with their facility befriended companies for the Avant-Garde milestone of Butterfly releasing.
As the mixture of female Death Metal vocals to bizarre non-trendy progressions and jam-pulses from the blending of Extreme Metal progressions, Funk-Jazz modern to the Bluesy Rock stuff off Los Angeles within thus scary cover artworks as the music blasting in such a brilliant tempo by variations – you might admitted that you already falling in addiction for these; Grief, So They Say, Our Sorrow, Let It Go, Land of No Friends to Put Me In Water as well as Complicated and What Else. 
The imaginative sense of purging tenure of molten musical burn-out effigy within the imperfect terror of reality shall mixing the features of wisdom and growls not becoming vultures but keep on going to take the audience for adventures.