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Moonbeam Reborn (Independent 2017)

   Make-Believe a.k.a 365 Days vol. 4 must be an intelligent waste of unlucky things turning to fortunate soft musical and floaty songs of the dreaming existential vibes of a girl calling herself Jessica In The Rainbow from Grand Haven, Michigan as her blonde looks and strange smiles won’t getting the record ruined. Written, mixed and improvised altogether just by herself in form of Jessica Fogle; except being helped by Bryan Ralph and artistic works from Ryan Wyrick as the weekend album positively, fits hence the songs spots to remains giggled or pleasing kinds of calmly pleasure format through Pop-Indie, acoustical Country-mods and activity around the bedroom or basement area can easily being captured through the songs contacts to your ears in a perfect slow tunes that soothing the weather. As the bird comes back to the house on the rural dense edgy location; the songs like Someday, Casio<3, Anything, Kaleidoscope, Now, Birdsong and Forest - predictably, comes out and releasing the harmonies into the air today, making your midst of November sounding romantic and warm again at this exact hour.