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Mommalove Crusin’ (W.A.R Media 2014)

   Mandolyn Wind Ludlum would definitely can be a queen on the throne of Rn’ B musical scene later one day from now, as her talents and ideas for an everlasting peace for her people grow stronger but instead of flaming the hatred of a future clash of race colors, this gorgeous woman choose to openly becomes a new fortune teller for the generations of today known herself as Mystic (or some other times - DU Goddess) from San Francisco Bay Area the  moving to Oakland, CA and a Lower Lake-born child continuing her conquests  of the searching on the essential causes to prolong the true freedom for all via lyrics and music mixture over Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz-Funk, Soul and Pop-Rn’B and not bad for the try-out to listening this girl’s works after the first taking part of an MC battles in her hood lo ng time ago.
Flying carried the dreamy while the tall buildings and skyscrapers fall down or destroyed by hatred being displayed as the killer asteroid in the front cover while Mystic just floating – flying or dreaming about Absence of Colour feat. Hezekiah, Clean Paper, Higer Ground, Reach Out For Me, Eyes of Diamonds (a Fairytale) to Country Roads and Payback (La La La …) as one would take this recording called Beautiful Resistance not because you’re black or you just playing for fooling yourself about the reality but more than that – softer/militant Hip-Hop that stick their thing to the man in those activism activities; supposed to placing the underground warm-media and fem-cee collaboration and creativity to the advance of the struggle and not a violent needs to fix by the maintenance for years to mend. 

Beautiful Resistance: