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Model S.A.L.T (Self-Released 2014)

   The best kept secrets of Indie/Alternative Rock whose written gloomy lyrics and sad music but never really trying to lecturing people how about to living on the life only sharing their opinions on how to not easily surrender collectively performed by Adam Bird, Kevin Walters, Kyle Walters and Leanne Bowes as one might also liking to listening from the similar artists like The Front Bottom, Brick+Mortar or The Venetia Fair; cranking Those Mockingbirds probably – would make your days feeling much better, relaxing and alive more than you could ever know. 
Releasing this Penny The Dreadful album; these Montclaire – NJ group putting more guitars/drums/violin and keyboards as dirty as the ambient basement at a time covering most of the harmony melodies in a nearly perfect presents of Stoner/Grungy-tinged Alternative Rock basic sounds to move you away from distressed oblivion to the energy lights available via A Ballad From Hell, Teenage Fantasies, How To Rob A Bank and Loose Leather – cooling the prompt emotional wires themes of daily to almost occultism to the modern new listeners and correctly – rocks !

Penny The Dreadful: