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Mit Zucker Pleite (Island Records 2013)

   Four amazing girls not playing sexy or cheap by directly forming a girl band; you shall seeing these babe of Laing – excessively, giving their good song-writing efforts and fabulous alternative works onto their odd music on Pop-Electro and Soul progress into semi-Techno smooth attentions as three female singers and one particular female dancer as consisting with Atina Tabe, Johanna Marschall, Marisa Akeny and Nicola Rost and gaining more intentions as they’d spreading the interests to you on this second album: Paradies Naiv as written in Germans but really would do some interesting facts effects tickling yours by the moment.

Down-Tempo minimalist with Neo Soul vocals to Synth-Pop and Hip-Hop displaying via Morgens Immer Mude, Die Nachrichten, Ding Dong and Maschinell to Herr Amor or Das Schiff. 

If you really digging Electro Funk or Soul Pop – then this recording from our Berlin’s own group Laing should be yours !

Paradies Naiv: