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Mid-Year Planner (Papaiti/Sleepover 2016)

   Lying there on the corner like a good dog-pet do after the lunch time and a bowl of fresh water or perhaps, it’s something else like an Alternative joke songs in Rock-Pop sounds from Zachary/Ali/Wynn/Riley and Miles trying to stay true to their emotional effigy over this releasing record of the debut - No Harm Done as the prosthetic group: Prizegiving of Wellington – New Zealand gives us the pleasure of Indie-Pop rock standard and softener beats within the catchy vocals and themes over Sarah (Snow), Blood Pressure, Soapbox to Favourite Singer (Snow) as the might on how th audience will seeing the group of lesser-known project mixed and mastered and recorded by Cameron Wilkes conquering the stereo system like an Okay Band !

No Harm Done: