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Microdots Town (Bandcamp 2016)

   West York‘s Leeds – UK real time answering for the impatient passionate resemblance for New Wave/Industrial/Punk/Horror Themes of the 80’s as Synth-Rock and metallic beats roaring the streets where Autopsy Boys performing their ability on making and written the very Alternative Metal musical shit and thus crushing disco on psychopaths and thrown suggestions from the arousing malevolent of the Manson’s girls digging your grave and making love to your dead penis or such.
   There’s going to be a heat-wave of avenging flawless acts to do on those whom deserved it. Just like this recording arousingly, called Return of The Acid Casualty Auto Humans and these twenty-one songs tracking the lists for a approval about how neck slithering on bad guys by a hot chick seems to be a reasonable plan to do as like thus bloody scene being backing-up by plenty bunch of insane tracks of machinery that kills the misfortunes from now on.
   Just Dance with Me, Breakfast at Retro Betty’s Boutique, The Chase Scene (featuring Junior Bear and Debbie Rochon, Every Good Sitcom Gets Cancelled After The Pilot onto Cigarette Burns (featuring Al Skull), Song For Debbera (featuring Debbie Rochon), Denton Ward Honey Trap to Totally Obsessed with You. 

Beware when you smooching with a prostitute – perhaps, she’s bringing a past tragic story caused by your dirty works and now – she’ll have the perfect time for her revenge on you, prick !

Return of The Acid Casualty Auto Humans: