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Melancholy Mechanics (Warner Sunset Records 1996)

   Shooting this great movie about the tornado chasers team in the Midwest and Southern parts area of The US soil as the nominated for best sound, best visual effects equals with the worst supporting actress or worst picture awards but still the traumatic past event that took Dr. Jo Harding’s dad won’t stopping the experiments and observations for her and the crew including Bill “The Extreme” Harding, Dusty Davis, Tim Beltzer Lewis and Robert “Rabbit” Nurrick among others as well as their rivalry team led by the ex-good friend Dr. Jonas Miller. Looking crazy as they’re keeping the activity of an actual reality field-works on chasing storms and tornadoes for the measurements of the inside materials and calculating the speed, power and everything related to that disaster giant swirling killer winds that can struck at any time but hard to predicts. 
   Manage to put their experimental devices called Dorothy IV but forcing to experiencing too much devastating and horrific events while doing the job; one might finding how interesting this movie really all about if you can capturing the essential captions and signs for mankind to make peace with the angry nature again by any way means necessary. 
   Twister Movie and various artists (music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) as featuring Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, Lisa Loeb, Shania Twain and Belly onto Rusted Root for Virtual Reality, Tori Amos’ Talula (BT’s Tornado Mix), Darling Pretty by Mark Knopfler, Soul Asylum’s Miss This to K.D. Lang in Love Affairs as well as the infamous hits for the musical soundtrack off this movie through the radios and television we got the rocking harder from Van Halen’s single – Human Being and Edward and Alex Van Halen’s solo six-strings arrangement via Respect The Wind. 
Awesome scenery views and photography as the techniques available in the making of the effects are distracting and destructively, amazing to see. 

Watch the entire movie and find out more interesting things and learning more steps on protecting yourself and preventing the survival plan before the real disaster strikes your area.