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Megablast (WordSound 1995)

Tagged his name as ThaILL over this debut shit record rolling out within the darker beats of Horror-Core Hip-Hop and Gangsta-thang as he used to be connected to other underground sided overlords like Akhenaton The Heretic or Disciple of The Dark and with this predominant anthems on The ILLness; Skiz Fernando Jr. a/k/a Spectre not representing a Baltimore - Maryland’s experimental Hip-Hop/Rap and Dance Noir Electro-Dub mission and the thirteen tracks recorded there must be your proof on how scary this son of a bitch can manage to sound alike.
Possessed by the criminal insanity and giant ego blasts in some kind of literary wisdom presentations as telling the epic story about Spectre Meets Psycho Priest in The Temple of Smoke, The Other Side, 9th Secret Rule of The Order, Minions of Set to Mayday/Nightstalker and Evil Dub already shaping the deal of contracts not only with the devil but death itself shaken to signing and meet Spectre in flesh.

The ILLness: