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Material Spectator (Empty Cellar Records 2016)

San Francisco, CA brand new but not that newer just because the band releasing their album after several years whilst the new millennium already getting a little bit mature. Listening to your pick-up album form the latest catalogs off Cool Ghouls band featuring Alex Fleshman, Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas and Ryan Wong completely; shall making most of the fanatic fans for either John Lennon or Paul McCarthy feeling slightly remembered about how The Beatles’ influences among others really backing-up the roots song-writings over Animal Races.
For thus amazing artworks animated paintings sows us the creations of the sacred garden of Eden and Psychedelic-Rock erupting sitars or other oriental moderate musical beliefs as the modern day works also being slam-bang in the middle of it as background for the river, one seeing all eye to the badminton rackets for Adam and Eve getting naked as their genital parts showing here as well. Good tracks over Sundial, Time Capsule, (If I Can’t Be) The Man, Brown Bag, When You Were Gone and Days correctly – spreading melodic and standard tempos to make the weeds smoke taste more excellent like tomorrow without burdens.

Animal Races: