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Marlboro Man (C/Z Records 1992)

   If you got interest on Hardcore Cross-Over off the late eighties to the nineties era like NomeansNo, Suicidal Tendencies or Black Flag – all in such raw standard distorted guitar riffs and smart lyrics to spit-out through this Rhythm Pigs - Choke On This album re-recording within (now) twenty-eight tracks of social condition protests music carrying the blending of good Heavy Metal, Thrash-Core, Skater-Punk and sinister facts about what’s circling around the bends in US soil as your El-Paso moved to San Francisco group here signing for destruction anthem music for reality obscurity. With Terry LaVey, Jay Smith or Ed Ivey leading roles of the screaming charts for the rocking songs like Dr. Harley, Condition Love, Break New Ground, Machine Are In, Six or Human Drama; one will be freaking pleasure to listening on these performance by Rhythm Pigs – fighting for the free world to life in by equality ! 

Choke On This: