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Mandarin Heist (Bandcamp 2013)

The lyrics and the words truly mean something if you try listening closer, the melodies sounded awesome and poppy, the piano attractively may replacing the percussions like a lighter drumming and you suddenly, in love to play this album from Auckland, New Zealand’s Stomping Punk of non-puppy killer good active performance and talented artists referred themselves as The MurderChord replacing the sarcastic protesters with funny wiser lyrics to wrote down there and recorded into songs with a great compositions along Get A Van album - just like the moment the grim reaper saying "hi" to you on February 14th.
Meeting the grim-reaper of piano expert heads like Elton John disguising as your mysterious Pied Piper ditching Bernie Taupin for a younger singer Dave the keys player and Sims on drums. 

Fill Up The Tin or Take Your Jealousy Home truly detailed.

Get A Van: