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Man Freedom (Bandcamp 2016)

Following the soulful Hip-Hop and softer side on female Rap musical themes provided by Fatimah Warner as this Chicago-based singer who likes Rap Music off Illinois and previously known as NoName Gypsy but shortened it to Noname since she decided to wrapping most of the Alternative Rap as her branding sounds; where tiny desk sentiments to well-written producing beats compromising onto thus relevant ideas about how we dealing with our own self-inflicted discussions via Telefone. This cuter recording consisting for seminal Spring-taste during the winter season for the last of the year consuming some of those late stories from the past or not too darn longer before – trying to find a solution via All I Need (feat. Xavier Omar, Dibby Bop feat. Raury & Cam O’bi, Yesterday, Reality Check feat. Eryn Allen Kane & Akenya or Casket Pretty and Bye Bye Baby.
Feel the rhyming rhythm coming as the female solder girl rapping about the Rn’B rejoicing of a temporary peace in the making and the hood really care to not again fighting over small differences but con-joining …