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Magdalene Hammer (Not On Label 2017)


   They would be like the ghost of the past mysterious DNA or the escaping descendants of the Salem’s witch trials carrying their re-waving enchanted beauty within them – the duet female spirits of Scarlet Crow mixing the essential medicine bards and magical force of mystic folklore and urban inspired Avalon-like to the native American’s sounds of traditional to modern Pop-Indie slow tunes by Marya Stark and Carmen Crow.
   Along the journey of themselves; writing, composing and recording their own materials of music and chants to share as the delve of twelve for wounding and healing on missions; Remembrance is your bluish sensual Folk-traditionalist of soft occult-based recording to collect because it’s barely, smiling while giving you its potions of harmonies through arousing medicated female voices. 
   Tunes reflects the natural resources and talents to preserved and honoring by mankind – performance whose driving your imagination flying high wondering within Edge to Edge, La Luna, In my Womb, Bone Shaman Woman to Melt Away possibly, made the entire duet of them as the helping musician hands to creating a brand new bravery world upon the magical realm of girls to show independents study off these Northern California …