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Mad Stone Trips (Bambeats 2011)

   Broken-beats to healing out rituals, Trip-Hop, neutral Hip-Hop or Future Jazz from Groningen – The Netherlands performed by Planet Monkey certainly, shortly comes to experiencing the experimental formats of thus blending signs over tripping the light over Electronic Down-Tempo saccharine quartet attempts in the mixing of worldwide and universally sounds taken and converted almost form every influences and roots and through this second efforts recording entitled To The City Of Green Lights one might exposing the internal elements turning the complicated parts onto clearly simplified tracks to listening and enjoy by ears and minds and souls via Through The Waters, Steal The Fruits, Bring Back The Trees, Finding The Trail, Don’t Eat The Flowers onto Crack The Nuts – which must be said honestly – really relying on the preserving and prosper conditions for Mother Nature to healing up and grows back again with no more disregarded disturbance from mankind and their greed invading the globe. 

Greener thoughts leading Techno-Electro retaliation further as the cure and the harmony keepers ...

To The City Of Green Lights: