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Lunar Carnivorous (Paragon Records 2013)

   Berwick, Pennsylvania of The United States of America’s Black Metal militia group of trio based their views and arranging music for Satanism, violence, death and lycanthropy with Mictian on guitars/bass to Wulv on vocals/synths as well as Barbarian on drums recording this Under The Blood Moon for themselves to proclaims as the darkness prevails forever and continues via Permanent Midnight unit. Eight super-powerful levitation force within the occult/ancient pagan beliefs in themes over Fallen From Grace, The Evil in The Forest, Sex and Gore or They Feed In The Night sounding the reality terror of incarnations of something unholy and wicked with strength like demons from hell with the banging blast sounds of both riff-age to the drumming metallic - announcing to mortals for killing other mortals over sacrificial ritual when the moon phase correctly, at sight for the time is right.

Under The Blood Moon: