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Look At Your Game, Girl (White Devil 2012)

   Creepy Folk-Pop acoustic presentations format of this legendary disgusting recording made by psychotic-minded of Charles Manson and his Manson Family crew members completely recording on this particular iconic idolatry album of Lie as the infamous figure that shaping the entire next future of the 21st century since the killing and the bloody occult started since the late sixties to all along the seventies and the eighties with several severed casualties and suing lawsuits from the victims relatives to the courtyard may not easily put a blanket off Corcoran, CA born man - Charles Manson’s bigger aura to serving his life-time prison cell lives since then to this renewal recording session from nineteen seventy. 
   Thirteen classic The Beatles-based and John Lennon/ George Harrison type of poetry writings and lyrics happen to be penned by Manson himself on lead voclas and rhythm guitar or timpani; Steve Grogan (bass), Bobby Beausoleil on electric guitars, Mary Brunner (flute), Paul Watkins on french horn and violinist Catherine Share as being produced by Phil Kaufman. 
   Whether Sharon Tate’s restless soul being captured within thus tracks or Roman Polanski’s rage over him would make these songs sounded haunting like the ghosts from the past as Pop-culture forever changed through this: Your Home is Where You’re Happy, People Say I’m No Good, Ego, Mechanical Man as for continuously, Garbage Dump, I Once Knew a Man and Sick City refers to the hedonist living life-style of either Californians or Hollywood connections hated by the fear of black men revolutions in the end strengthen by the “helter skelter” prophecy believed by Mr. Manson himself and his devoted psychotic-hippie followers …