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Limbo Skyline (Not On Label 2011)

   Space Rock Psychedelic and cosmos-tinged rituals covering for the efforts from the trio of Taipei, Taiwan band calling themselves Doodle as the comprising for Meng0Huan Liao (guitars/vocals), Heng Kuo (bass guitar) and Zen Chien (drums) didn’t really sounding like they’re a bunch of Taiwanese folks at all. The mixture for Indie Rock, Shoegaze and Psychedelic-Pop in jangle-shaping sounds of music really telling the fascinating choices for one to choose them in; a catalog of the debutant album via Sacrifice In Despair truly sounding awesome and simple.
   The echoing soft distortion wall and seminal Pop-Punk or Grungy ensemble experiments reading the data over thus title-songs like Dirty Fairy, Feel This Way, Something We Forgot, Lost In Blue to Chronic Suicide and Stone-Cold Stars fits the modern science of what the popular media wanted to listen of have now – that everything’s already stagnant and similar but this right there - a Taiwanese band written their English-based music and lyrics with some Indie and Country-Western background to be understood and to liking well by audeince.

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Sacrifice In Despair: