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Li Ka-Sing Island (POCH Records 2012)

In urgency or not to forming a band but the local cheesy of Pop-Indie and Neo-Folk psychedelic experimental format for Alternative Extreme Synth-Pop made out of Hong Kong sounds like a must.
Sophomore haunting thin sensual vocals, noisy mid-term tempo of Electronic Pop-Rock oddities and the mixture between English/Chinese lyrics would be unique as well for No One Remains Virgin and their releasing – Life Fucks Everyone being a greater works so far for the band that didn’t care about what thus supreme mainstream market would thought about them. 
Known also as NORV; formed by Bowie Mok (vocals), J Mak (bass guitar) and Mono Koo (software) found out the truth about their local scene roots is about nothing important so that it’s their job to make one and you’ll see how serious these musicians really performing the main ideas and different perspectives within Careless Hipster, Asia’s Dim Sum City or Jesus & Mary No Chain or like the opener poetic ode of our modern life relationships through Oh How I Miss You Trish. 

A good start and the nice works for the group to stay honest. 

Life Fucks Everyone: