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Levande Lik (Bandcamp 2016)

   Let your ears bleeding for choosing the right pure Heavy Metal grooves with Stockholm’s finest newcomer – ShutUp; the side-project of singer/guitarist from 2 The Gallows: Ken Heikelberg and Jesper Uhlin releasing the debut Ren Javla Angest and like the anger management gone wrong for the band’s interest themes attack influenced by Pantera, Entombed, The Black Dahlia Murder and Death Metal to Metal-Core; those eleven tracks comes like hell-fire to burn your fucking face down within Sjalvdestruktiv, Ett Evigt Raseri, Six Feet Closer or I Wasn’t Born with Enough Middle Finger really sounding like metallic epic !

When you are really fucking addicted to Groove, Thrash or Deathcore of Heavy Metal - you'll love this.

Ren Javla Angest: