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Lemon Sheets (Fika Recordings 2014)

Playing their Pop-Indie melodic harmonies music in a self-written and projecting sub-urban atmosphere where one can living peacefully far away from the crowded city and sing along with Making Marks comprising of the quartet of boys and girls: Jorgen Nordby (drums, percussion), Marie Sneve ((bass, trumpet), Nina Bo (keyboards, vocals) and Ola Innset (guitars, vocals) extensively, sweety touched in their heart-warming Pop songs of Scandinavian’s cool sounds textures through the semi-Synth-Pop Alternative album of A Thousand Half-Truths collection.
Hailing from Oslo, Norway – the music must be an accurate favorable to almost everyone who loves life as the selfie of a kid inside the vehicle won’t be spoiled the essential tracks here like Barcodes, Uten En Trad, Forgive and Forget, Falling in Love Again, Ticket Machine and Flying High Forever as the buoyant numbers may driving you to sitting down quietly and chants with the band for the weather outside slowly, begins to getting clearer …

A Thousand Half-Truths: