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Leg Is Sore Christ (No Idea Records 1999)


   Need to calling this an alternative metal for what ?
This form of noisy destructive project called I Know a Girl Who Develops Crime Scene must be your unwanted seminal Grind-core meets Hardcore meets power violence reversal of men made scream in no positive emotional but independent closer to almost really anti-social for these nineteen tracks recorded here from the five-piece blast crew: guitarists Bill and Dan Radde, Chris Norris on vocals, bassist/vocalist Ponch and drummer Mark known to the underground scene as Combat Wounded Veteran throwing their angst themes in My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!, Propaganda Films Shot with a Sitcom Script, Assassination Attempt Part 2, Mercury Streams The Proliferation of Foreign Matter, Folded Space-Lead Poisoning & Distortion or You Make Statements Concerning Things That You Know Nothing About delivers those complicated materials over problems facing this fucking world in general as if today and there’s no good solutions for covering them up quite reliable to the conclusions but the rally of greed leads us to the end of doomsday preparation time ticking ...