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Las Flores (Bandcamp 2016)

Progressive Latin Metal-Funk in tablatures combined with the Heavy Rock Psychedelic and from McAllen, Texas the band came as being led by their beautiful singer Danica Salazar and guitarist Alvarado Martin then baptizing themselves as DeZorah.
Being influenced as the band members admitting through the interviews by as well as thus Bluegrass scene and The Mars Volta, Animals As Leaders, Radiohead to Pantera, Steve Vai, Dream Theater and Mastodon; you may recognizing the band’s sounds to be a mixture of Carlos Santana, Puya and System Of A Down in almost perfection as the themes on songs felt like occultism meets the in-between modern music and ancient arts to measured and hope you will like them. 

Long durations to the shorter ones from Tierra Eterna to The Moon and I to Vicio and Dead Cells would either disturbing your rest hour or lullabying one to eternity metallic paradise. 

Tierra Eterna: