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Kolobeh Pekla (Bizarre Leprous Production 2017)


Banovce Nad Bebravou latest Cyber-Grind or Gore-Grind with Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore thematic package which given you the taste of gruesomeness of anti-religion and disorientation lyrics consisting of five-piece members whose always angrier: double shredders P.T.R and bebo, vocalist Lukas, drummer Lubos Ducky and bassist babe Sara while their music performance truly far far away from the closest meaning of comforts.
Exploding malignant on both virtual and reality metallic media by Attack of Rage did well through the latest album release – Dogma; the horrific meaningful of the true recycling of life led by insect’s larva making a circle to consuming themselves before aiming the appetite towards humanity next. The local lyric written in capacity of brutal Death Metal melodic and non-conformity displays there erupts like a small planet explosion through Strateny V Klamstve, Niekto Iny!, Dvere K Minulosti, Neviem Kde Je Koniac or Nenasytnost Tychto Fni relevantly, accepted by the extremist metallers of heavy and don’t forget that one would listening to the glimpse of Death N’ Roll on several demolition occasions too.