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King Size (Bandcamp 2015)

If you can’t be king of the world the last thing you can do or chose is to be the king on yourself inflicted favorable activity your prefer and just like it, Elwood Myre becoming more than just fervid collaborations between multi-instrumentalist musician Hunter Beasley and the real figure of Elwood Myre himself as the singer; the self-titled album and the home-made booze in a jar proven that this Country-Folk of Alternative Rock acoustic with Americana/Aussie background shall helping those alcoholic moon-shined jars and domestic-violent people to learn that life isn’t just being a drunker or a beater.

Elwood Myre sharing their wiser Pop-fluence lyrics and amazing music for the outback anthem somewhere as the small communion could be together again with no grudge as the affections from Howling Beach or Bodhi Tree did change you !

Elwood Myre: