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Kata Mereka (Bandcamp 2015)

   Destroying the stage with their Heavy and fast Hardcore Punk derelicts tempo and poseurs ready to submissions the enemy down as for those whom liking Cro-Mags, Madball and Leeway much can easily get their pieces of poisonous pie according to the Jakarta-based band: Final Attack which consisting of IndraXChino (guitars), Andri Rad (guitars), Ikhsan (drums), Ray (bass) and Bagoes (vocals) tells you about the problems surrounding the capital city of Indonesia as it is where its at actually.
Everything and everywhere you’ll see that the chaos already erupting in a small chained-reactions per local governors and somewhere over thus smaller islands. From Dust and Ashes recording release predicted those riot and devastation that will hit the nations when it stop ticking continued by mass-hysteria, people killing people on the streets; as humans, animals and creatures cannot be separated anymore for their brutality just like thus lyrics telling your ears what to do now – bastards ! 
Like Fish in a Pond to Devils Bizz or Drifted Away to Shallow Mind and Overdosed are the reality that the country facing nowadays and being made into Hardcore songs as a reminder to everyone responsible in stopping the bad habits or turning your life-style onto a non-consumerist. 

Hope that tomorrow the sun shines not flaming burnt out and thick black smoke welcoming you.