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Johnny Family (Fear Of Missing Out 2016)

Basement Revolver is the Hamilton, Ontario trio that praised on Indie-Rock consisting of Chrisy Hurn (guitars, vocals), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synthesizer) and Brandon Munro (drums) come constantly, to joining their force over thus initial intentions of liking for Alternative experimental of Shoegaze Rock much clearer but softer and conditionally, sounded promising via this self-titled extended play works.
Even though within these reserving divinity of four track-list songs arranged and recorded by themselves; still Basement Revolver may given out the equality popular sounds and falsetto female voice in simplicity beautiful form that ticks the venture for thus loving ears for liking them exactly, complete. Whether through the three minutes and twenty-six second on Words as the opener as well as Lake Steel Oil for the third song in four minutes and thirty-five seconds comes in such an infinite pleasuring sounds to bury deep in your hearts mending thus lonely for this late afternoon November loss.

Basement Revolver ep: