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Jettisoned Case (Daily Grind Records 2017)

Primordial Genocide struck in the collapsing moment where we needing more of apocalyptic Sludge Metal providers as the ages getting older and weaker as the disaster thoughts within thus killer rocks or planet from outer space deep lurking as they’re waiting for us to forgetting or ignores the signs sending first by either divinity, extra-terrestrial or technology computing the risks and effects of it. The track comes so devastating with depth slower brutal riffs and melodic plays on chords to solos and Weed Demon would be your demanding group to show more on their short recording session here via Astrological Passages.
If internet thing like Google Play apps then, could be a Pandora box then, one needs to open it to share this awesome metallic mixing between Stoner/Sludge/Doom and Heavy Rock just like it is showing harder through song number three – Sigil of The Black Moon filled-up with much occult-rituals or spells. 
Welcoming these Columbus – Ohio band with Jordan (bass/vocals), Andy (guitars/vocals), Chris (drums) and Brian (guitar, vocals) performing Dominion of Oblivion within the cosmic devastation, bursting distortions and palette of loudest core music as the solar system waiting to be hit by a single collision turning everything’s upside down ...

Astrological Passages: