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Jennifer Domino (Surface Area 2012)

Not for selling her voices anymore often to helping names like Groove Armada and more live shows right now – Rebecca Jones or Becky Jones given herself a provision provider best known a non-guest vocalist but her own solo project shower of sounds as the musical beats for her own Electronic-Pop vocals through the simplicity offering onto the debut recording album in Union by the stage name called Saint Saviour and as the bonfire burnt higher, the evening skies filled up with not only stars but spells and constructive blessings and one may can hear the talented melodious female falsetto vocals by Becky Jones shaping a triangle the front album but charting most of the tracks inside it plentiful bounty bounces of recording materials did pretty well like a girl version of David Bowie meets Lisa Standsfield as she’s trying to reach the higher pitch along I Call This Home, Liberty, Tightrope, Fight, This Ain’t No Hymn, The Rain Falls on The Just with Dreamtime.

Everything sounding imaginable and prosper; as the echoing promises to give as a gift or surprises may still be float upon air – in wait for thus magic to forcing them protecting the day that too late to be saved.