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Jasper (Mr. Lady 2002)

The third albums of Kaia Lynn Wilson or Kaia Kangaroo or Kaia Wilson or just – Kaia; giving you her favorable classic records to listening via the closing hours of a day turning slowly to the evening times, the lonely breezing rainy moments and even sadness over your lovely dead pet mourning that encouraging to celebrating lives the entirely whole within thus wisdom lyrics from the female instinct and a girl perceptions; Oregon is on parole to be one of the greatest lesser-known albums of the beginning of new millennium era of golden age for Folk-Rock and Pop-Indie World Country-based music in semi acoustic or live ensemble. Hear the acoustic guitars and the angelic voice of Kaia through the tracks like Mira, Sweetheart, World’s Greatest Haircut, You Stopped Talking to Air and Baby Animals – not mentioning The Cure’s cover over Catch just like the audience shall begging on her for more and saying Make Me Please and getting amazed for the county and the cows.
Awesome simple and honest recording for people not only those with Leo horoscope or the causing reasonable the weather turning to Storm to have this amazing Folk-Indie peaceful rural songs becoming yours here after.