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Interstellar (Jurassic Pop 2016)

   Rock distortion of Dream Pop and Psychedelic Pop-Punk female fronted within thus harmony but independent grungy thoughts and idea blended into one flirting rise-up music that sounding sexy and also entertainingly brave for these quartet dominates by girls off Elizabeth Kelly (vocals, guitar), Karah Vance (keyboards, vocals), Devin Randazzo (drums) and Ty Craemer (bass) blistering their semi-moderate Indie Punk shows within those shouts and melodic vocals as attempting to defeate a looming grey hazey feelings of apathy among women with the aggressive distributed noises contained on the releasing mini recording form The Village Bicycle on Fits And Starts.
   The hollow and the dirty echoes tailing dust for distorted minds and sounds really comes alive though the great tracks like Telephone, Hot Mom, Sprankles, The Panic Song to Turtle Dove are branding the band’s good choices for repeating the legacy brought long time before by the rest of Alternative Rock scene back in the nineties era. Now Cleveland, Ohio got their Post-punk/New Wave/Indie Punk answers via the weirdy ugly creature of the mythical right on the describing portrait on the front cover of the record there.

Fits And Starts: