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Inspector High E (TTOD Inc. 1999)

Aaron Watt, Brien Beebe, Chris Swartz, Morgan Hushhagen, Neal Martin to Stacy Jellison already becoming the champions of their own dreams in the making awake of this last heroic group off the Ska-Punk 3rd wave back to the late era of the nineties but wait – there’s more to collect from the pieces of these group – Instant Winner of Utah mixing their rocking roots for Punk-Ska, Skater-Pop, tropical weather and sunshine rays gaining happiness before the shadow of temporary comes upon us within the simplicity fun sounds via One In A Million debut album.

As seventeen tracks available and good old musical formula still can making us dancing to celebrating life after the storm struck and wounds can slowly be heal-up within the melodic and harmonies performance by the live bands and the special brass-sections through Girl On T.V, X-Rays, Dreaming On The Beach, Skank Plank, Richie’s Holiday Song, Martian Surfers, Radioactive Royal and Cool Friends – truly would lifted and lighten up the day and night onto a better atmosphere to enjoy by the audience – kicking those stress-out of the orbit and let the moment be (if it’s not too much to ask) happily ever after once again !

One In A Million: