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Iniquity Betrayer (Important Record Distributors Inc. 1985)

The rejected Speeding Power Metal and semi-Thrashy Hardcore mixing Heavy Metal business of Savage Grace within the erections of four-piece of bastard rock-heads Mike Smith on vocals, Christian Logue (guitars), Brian East (bass) and Dan Finch (drums) that really playing their music as edgy sharper like they’re being chased by the hurricane right on their tails. Absolutely Bound to be Free as the Lions Roar or Fear My Way and Sins of The Damned must be some of those tracks metallic and faster to be listened in the highlights as the group Savage Grace camouflaging themselves inside the highway patrol cop’s figure with lunatic crazy and psychotic inner soul preying over gorgeous woman – captured them, cuffing them and collecting them for his own freaking bad purposes – which nobody knows.

This Master of Disguise record will showing us how the trends of Cross-Over Tharsh Metal and kidnapping sexy hot blondes becoming a temporary or permanent sickening habits for Americans later on as this album can be pointed as the pioneering instructors that starts everything the first try !

Master of Disguise: