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In Valhalla Bloodaxe (Legion Blotan 2015)

Don’t know for sure if this group should be a Black Metal extreme or Satanic Hardcore legions but with the front cover portraying the Viking or barbarian warrior with long beard caught a battle with his enemy or raiding as if the trusted brutality and doomed solos for the Demo recording here would be a great privilege for knowing about the next happening to Heathen Fury (the band). Perhaps, the real truth about the aliases off George Proctor, Karst, Melkogrod, Murder Book, Mutant Ape or White Medal are also this Heathen Fury identity as a solo project extremity of Heavy Metal bashing in seminal mono but kept your interest high because of the violent music by the mighty titles such as The Power of Mighty Thor, Russian Winter Solstice or Norseman Satan may completed the first introduction onto this lot for the ability to kill.