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Hot Shot Latest (Blood & Ink 2009)

   Straight Edgy Christians may forever can claimed their own darker side roots of heavy music especially, the early movements over Emo-Core with the Hardcore style added more in violent sound-wave; coming from West Palm Beach forming by the lesser-known band members – Phil Porto, Chase Babcock, Josiah Sampson, Josh Card and John Campbell comes interesting to hear but not that extremely loud enough to dragging more listeners of the real Heavy Music community to see The Red Baron stepping up for show-offs like this recording My First Love telling their audience about the desolated loneliness and grows of depressions, getting up from the fall version to the dark ages of the new technology  and man-made gods. If there’s no Redemption for your tales out of Hard Ball, This Is Ours, Grace is For Falling, American Dream or Wake Up when the time’s up and come – as we will be vanishing and gone; remember these songs and they’re Not For The Weak !

For the sporty looks, full-bodied tattoo design, loud noisy band and for Jesus ?

My First Love: