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Horla Rising (Musea/Shingo Ueno 2001)


   Dominates by the excellent but frightening harmonic keyboards play which being obsessed to the Goth-Rock and Progressive Metal alliance knot where the Japanese counterparts whom collectively, performing their awesome ability over the works of art noises and soulful and hardened beats to thus variable tempos from groovy to resistance or irresistible to catch.
   Ars Nova quartet which remarkably, releasing their sixth full length albums so far – opening your interests within thus arousing seductive moaning of women on trance caused of orgasm and ecstasy that played carefully, exacts by whether Akiko Takahasi, Keiko Kumagai, Kyoko Kanazawa or Yumiko Saito among others even the boys additional players to completing them. Talking about Android Domina and the relations of it to Symphonic and Melodic Prog-Rock within the opener track that divided onto five parts from Part 1: Transformer to Part 4: Instinct or Part 3: Hypnosis all over to the next on All Hallow’s Eve and Succubus or Bizarro Ballo in Maschera can easily background the sexiest dreams or your wildest imaginations for witnessing two girls pleasing each-other’s up in totally, wet, fully uncontrollable and moaning hard while squirting. 

Ummmhhh ...

Android Domina: