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Hindsight Well (Bandcamp 2016)

Multi-ethnic and races uniting their visions on Inquiry (the band) formatting to be your newer Post-Hardcore crewing group of five-piece consisting for Justin Piaoan, Bri Jackson, Kyle Richards, Patrick Van Story and Talae Rergyamdee from Richmond,  Virginia bringing this Ghost Poet the enquiried extractions of Emotional-Hardcore-Pop versions to the new level-up for the mainstream as one would also hearing the screaming growls but also the melodic harmony vocals being displayed here by the band. Wretched Like Me, …And God Created Whales, Chiaroscuro, The Sunset Arms or Eyes Like Yours mesmerizing the incoming hooks and punchy riffs to the tempos measurements from the influences off Punk-Pop/Alternative Rock/Indie of early 2000’s and eruptions from our youth emotions screamo-esque on calling the army of bugs-like curses of the ancient modern to attack the non-righteous and the negativity views – as the world should be renew since the aftermath and counting …

Ghost Poet: