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Hero Fortress (Not On Label 2017)

Dungeon possessive musical project on Black Metal ritual and mystical essence commencing the listener to entering the darker and gloomy light stairs down and hallucinates themselves onto the satanic magic and blasphemous seven tracks recording there from the Norwegian’s Nazgal Dracul based on the ancient battle of Falroth and Balak Gaahl fallen as the son returns of Galrakh revenge burning the settlements as some went to the ocean and became Sarath while the Drakh Al-Zuul becoming a bandit tribes lair later as the survivors of thus wars continues to living today as the descendants like this Electro-Dark Ambient of dungeon figure in Synth Music.
Fall Of The Kingdom Of Eirfir by Nazgal Dracul might be a collectible record for those whom love horror shows and bloodshed sacrificial of black magic tunes as this one occurs within The End of The Dark Age, The Siege of Arkhal or Rebirth of Corruption in different durations shall taking your spirit soulless floating inside the invisible gates of the olden day folklore of the Norge.